Free Facebook Video Downloader Online

GETFVID is one of the most suitable and reliable tools available online. It is free to use and it converts the videos from facebook into Mp4 and Mp3 audio files. The best thing is that you can use this tool on all kinds of devices either they are PC’s, Tablets, or Mobile devices.

To download videos you must have a URL of a video that you want to download. Enter the URL in the search area present on our website and simply click on the download button next to the search bar. Select your desired format in which you want to convert and download video and download it without any hassle. Most importantly our service is free of cost and we do not require any signup or registration so you can freely enjoy your favourite videos

The usage of our website is free and does not require any software or registration.

Have fun and enjoy the use of our website.

How to use Facebook downloader?

  • Copy the URL of your desired Facebook video
  • Paste the URL in the search field that is available on the website.
  • Now simply click the download button and save the video in your desired format.

    See Tutorial: How to Download Facebook Videos

How To use Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension?

  • Fist of all go to chrome extensions and add a new extension of GetFVid into your browser
  • Then open the facebook page on which your desired video is present that you want to download.
  • When you will open the page you will see a green button to download the video (HD or SD). When you will click the button you will be automatically redirected to a download page from where you can easily save the video in your devices.

How To Download Private Videos From Facebook?

If you desire to download the private videos from facebook then you can use our private video downloader tool. But there is a limitation, you can only download a private video if you have access to that video. Although you can download and save the private videos by using our tool but we recommend our users to respect the privacy of others and don’t use the private videos for any commercial purposes without the permission of the copyright owner. Where are Facebook videos saved after being downloaded?

Where are Facebook videos saved after being downloaded?

If you download videos by using GetFVid then these videos are usually stored in the Downloads folder of your system by default. The folder is selected by your browser by default or the downloader that you are using to download. You can easily change the path of download and select your desired folder in which you want to download the videos.

Is it possible to download Live Facebook videos?

You can download the videos that are live-streamed on facebook by using GetFVid. You have to wait until the steam is completed then you can easily download it by doing a few clicks.

Does GetFVid store downloaded videos or keep a copy of videos?

GetFVid does not store any downloaded videos or neither does it keeps any copy of the downloaded videos. Our users can use the tool anonymously. All videos are hosted on the Facebook servers and we also don’t keep track of our users or their histories. It makes our tool more safe and reliable to use.